Housecleaning: How to kill germs

housecleaning services

There are many commercial cleaning companies. You may be obsessive of housecleaning services, showing off a clean home and germs free house. However, these small enemies always find a way to hide and remain even in the most decontaminated house.

housecleaning services

That is why today we will see how to kill germs by identifying which areas of the home and where they hide to focus your attention on these issues and get rid once and for all this evil that can affect health of you and your family.

What are germs?

Before assembling a smear campaign, we must justify why it is inappropriate to live with germs in our home. Germs are pathogens once they are in our bodies, if we can’t fight in time, can cause various diseases.

That is why the ideal is that our home is free of germs, and to achieve this we must know the most common hiding places where they are housed. Continue reading “Housecleaning: How to kill germs”

Decorating contemporary style

decorating contemporary

While it is often thought that modern interiors are cold and minimalist, the reality is that today this statement has very little true. Trends in decorating contemporary environments generate very comfortable and welcoming and so today we bring you some contemporary decorating ideas to keep in mind about this type of decoration.

decorating contemporary

This is clearly a style that is based on simplicity, subtle, neutral textures and especially the clean lines.

Today we bring you detailed some of the most important characteristics of contemporary style that will allow us to decorate our home and have a greater body of knowledge regarding trends in decoration of interiors.

Furniture: Characteristic of the contemporary style furniture follows the clean lines, with gentle curves. Usually of wood or metal, or even of both materials mixed with glass. Normally used with light woods and very few details that stick to the neutral line. The upholstery is also the concept of smooth surface. Continue reading “Decorating contemporary style”

Children study room design ideas and tips

children study room ideas

Since there are school going children, many parents are thinking about children study room design where their children could do their homework in peace and quiet, and this place should be pleasing to the eye.

children study room ideas

In case of you want to offer your children a study area, there are some things you should consider for a study room design. A study room for children needs good lighting, shelves, cabinets for storage, a board or cork board, or even two of them if you have not enough space to mention the study supplies.

When learning with the brain, oxygen is important. This air is fresh and the source could be a window or a fan. Also the child needs a comfortable chair in which he or she may have a good position and usually requires a lot of space to spread their roles. Continue reading “Children study room design ideas and tips”

How to do yellow interior decoration

yellow interior decoration

The yellow interior decoration is one of those forgotten tones at interior decor and the color is used only as a supplement. But this interior decorating color has the ability to enhance any space, it can give a feeling of space and light, while ideal for almost all styles of home interior decor, and you can combine it with most of the tones used in the accessories to decorate. Dare and change your home using these interior decorating color ideas in yellow.

yellow interior decoration

How to decorate in yellow

The idea to use the yellow color at interior decoration is to take the range of colors that belong to this tone and make combinations.

Likewise, you can also combine with other colors that are both complementary and contrasting (depending on your taste). Among these we have the orange, brown, white, black, electric blue, red, and green, among others. Continue reading “How to do yellow interior decoration”

Library decoration ideas

library decoration ideas

The library or bookstore is a space where we use to visit. That’s where we work, but also where other worlds emerge. So to make designs and library decoration that favor this effect we get from the books are very important. You can follow some of these library decorating ideas to get a cozy home library.

library decoration ideas Decoration in red and brown

Red is a color that at first glance can be very stimulating and perhaps inappropriate to decorate library, as it is a place where the concentration to devote ourselves to reading is fundamental. However, red decorate using bass and use the brown, in combination with other tones and natural materials can be quite adequate. Luxurious leather armchairs, upholstered cross-linked tone ceramic floors and decorative plants are an excellent choice for decorating the library.

Serene and cozy decor

To achieve a well used calm and mostly clear neutral color, you are recommended a mixture of gray and golden ocher, for while not losing the elegance in the library decor. Continue reading “Library decoration ideas”

Tips for buying a bed

guide to buying a bed

The bed should not only be conditioned place to rest, but must go much further and become a piece that besides being comfortable, elevate the decor of your room, making it a comfortable and stylish. Therefore according to your requirements we are going to give you some advice on buying a bed that fitted to your room, so that you have functional and decorative furniture that suits your tastes.

guide to buying a bed

To buy the best bed, the most comfortable bed for you, you have to consider your lifestyle, decorative tastes and what your body needs, since these three characteristics should be fitted together so you can get the most out of your bed.

How to buy the best bed?

If you’re going to buy a new bed please note the tips that we are going to mention here, so that the work become easier and you get a proper bed.

Provide a budget

In the market there are various designs of beds ranging from the functional to the decorative, so you can find a wide variety of prices. To buy a bed, the first thing to do is to stipulate in advance a budget that allows you to purchase high quality furniture without spending more on things that maybe then do not use or have no real value to you. Continue reading “Tips for buying a bed”

How to decorate with gray

decorate with gray

The gray decor is not a bond, on the contrary, will change styles and get accurate results without doubts. So we will see how to decorate with gray.

decorate with gray

Gray is one of the most feared colors in decorating. For many people, it is associated with sadness and loneliness, but nothing has to be so. We would rather argue that is associated with neutrality. It is a color that, as we often say, does not mess with anyone, but rather accompanies a good decoration.

How to combine the gray color?

One of the most effective applications of decorating with gray paint is one when we decided on certain tone and we have not a supplement and want a nice combination. Gray is a neutral color that, so combine it with other colors often make our work easier. Continue reading “How to decorate with gray”

Avant-garde decoration ideas

The interior cutting-edge or avant-garde decoration can be considered as a modern decor. It is a break with the more traditional styles of decoration based on advanced design.

avant-garde decoration

The avant-garde decor is based on simple geometric shapes and very modern today. It is the art decoration of the update, as applied software to your space, basically. Generally, it is a type of interior design inspiration of choice for young people and adults seeking living spaces according to their modern lifestyles.

Features art decoration

The avant-garde decor is one of the trends in interior design concepts. They also promote technology and modernity, comfort at home, with simple lines and large and bright. The essential thing to consider in modern environments decorated in this style is the color and furniture. Continue reading “Avant-garde decoration ideas”

Creative ideas to store clothes and accessories

The home storage solutions to store clothes is very important because though you are living in an apartment or small house, despite being really cozy, has its disadvantages as it lacks the amount of storage space that is often needed.

ideas to store clothes

Here we will give you some creative ideas to store clothes and accessories to organize wardrobe so that you can get more space in your wardrobe or closet.

Tips for storing clothes

Divide by station

Most times this division for storing clothes is done every six months, that is, every two seasons. You must divide all garments for cold and hot. But before you start to store off-season clothes for next summer should choose what you need from what is already worn or damaged. After choosing what serves you, you can donate what no longer useful, keep everything else depending on the season. Continue reading “Creative ideas to store clothes and accessories”

Decorating ideas for green bathroom

Are you thinking of redecorating bathroom? If so, try for a green bathroom. There are many shades of this color to choose, pick the tone that best suits your bathroom and follow these green bathroom ideas.

green bathroom ideas

When decorating the bathroom we have many items to decorate, you can paint the walls, change the tiles, giving a touch of color with towels and even soap as an element that we can use to our bathroom decor. Here are some bathroom decorating ideas in green and try to apply some.

How to decorate a green bathroom?

Bathroom walls

To decorate the bathroom in green, you can choose to paint the walls in a shade of that color. For a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in the bathroom trying a shade of light green, mint green maybe. But if you’re looking to create an energetic environment, you can opt for a more vibrant green. Continue reading “Decorating ideas for green bathroom”