How to decorate with gray

decorate with gray

The gray decor is not a bond, on the contrary, will change styles and get accurate results without doubts. So we will see how to decorate with gray.

decorate with gray

Gray is one of the most feared colors in decorating. For many people, it is associated with sadness and loneliness, but nothing has to be so. We would rather argue that is associated with neutrality. It is a color that, as we often say, does not mess with anyone, but rather accompanies a good decoration.

How to combine the gray color?

One of the most effective applications of decorating with gray paint is one when we decided on certain tone and we have not a supplement and want a nice combination. Gray is a neutral color that, so combine it with other colors often make our work easier.

You will not regret gray decorating, as it always looks good. One of the added values ​​we have is the elegance of design especially if we use it in high saturations, almost black.

Among the combinations that best apply to decorate found the gray combined with shades of red, green, fuchsia and even yellow. Not to mention the white and black, but these are of their existence, so the combination looks good anyway.

Decoration with gray

Usually, gray decor is used to mitigate the effect of the vibrant colors in interior decoration, or as a basis to create strong points of emphasis by using the above colors. So these colors can be used in cushions, carpets, furniture, tables, decorated with paintings for walls, etc. It’s fundamental.

With regard to the proportions to be used are not limited since it depends on the dimensions of the room. What do not advise is to use a single shade of gray. When decorating in gray, you will need to enliven the decor in combinations. Therefore, if you choose to decorate with gray only, you’ll need to use different saturations of gray, creating areas of emphasis in the bottom of the room, for example, with darker shades to create a sense of depth.

Do not worry about using the gray in your home. You can do it whenever you want. It is not synonymous with sadness at all, but of sobriety and elegance more than anything else.

Gray decorating is a neutral tone so perfectly adjusts with whatever your favorite color, even with these fine colors that you can just use as decoration in fluorescent colors, for example.

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