Avant-garde decoration ideas

The interior cutting-edge or avant-garde decoration can be considered as a modern decor. It is a break with the more traditional styles of decoration based on advanced design.

avant-garde decoration

The avant-garde decor is based on simple geometric shapes and very modern today. It is the art decoration of the update, as applied software to your space, basically. Generally, it is a type of interior design inspiration of choice for young people and adults seeking living spaces according to their modern lifestyles.

Features art decoration

The avant-garde decor is one of the trends in interior design concepts. They also promote technology and modernity, comfort at home, with simple lines and large and bright. The essential thing to consider in modern environments decorated in this style is the color and furniture.

Avant-garde interior design

The colors and finishes are extremely important, as in any other area, but this has an immediate priority. Walls can be painted in traditional white and gray, but nonetheless this; you can combine vibrant colors to create textures with certain emphasis and electronic or modern graphic in some cases. Also, the furniture should be the latest modern one.

Materials for avant-garde decoration

Wood is the most common material used in simple lines finished basically. The terminations are simple and therefore to strengthen this spot color image. Carpets and textiles and bold prints have pads, so they can be interchangeable to vary the look of your space.


Try to choose modern furniture of pure forms, plywood. Or bet on the technology: for example aluminum is very nice and combines beautifully with this style, besides steel and smooth plastics. Distribution must raise a wide space, clear without exaggerating with minimalism. Do not restrict it, looking for simple lines and you will succeed.

Accessories to avant-garde decor

As supplements suggest you decorate with pictures and billboards occupying large spaces on the wall. The modern design lamps, appliances and other furniture become essential and other decorative items such as vases, sculptures and modern paintings.

The avant-garde interior design style is the mobility of modern contemporary. If you are someone who is aware of the progress and new trends in decoration and design, this is your style.

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