Creative ideas to store clothes and accessories

The home storage solutions to store clothes is very important because though you are living in an apartment or small house, despite being really cozy, has its disadvantages as it lacks the amount of storage space that is often needed.

ideas to store clothes

Here we will give you some creative ideas to store clothes and accessories to organize wardrobe so that you can get more space in your wardrobe or closet.

Tips for storing clothes

Divide by station

Most times this division for storing clothes is done every six months, that is, every two seasons. You must divide all garments for cold and hot. But before you start to store off-season clothes for next summer should choose what you need from what is already worn or damaged. After choosing what serves you, you can donate what no longer useful, keep everything else depending on the season.

Shelves in cabinets

Designate the top shelves in the closets for clothes and accessories that you will not use for a while, that is, those which are out of season and you can reuse on another occasion. You can use them when you need again but while not necessary have been stored in a place where not occupy the space that you require for other items that usually are being used.

Storage drawers

Buy storage bins and placed under the bed. This way, you will have more space to store your clothes and accessories without occupying a conspicuous place or hinder. If the room is small, this is an excellent idea to keep clothes that do not use for a long time and then exchange it for the following season.

Use of space

We all have somewhere in the house empty suitcases, what a better option to keep clothes in them and save space. It is a creative idea for storing clothes and accessories. We are giving a very good use to fill and use the space that occupy. They are also a great place to put shoes in summer than in winter not use or vice versa.

So you can store the clothes for a long time and not spoiled by moisture or other factors, putting in mothballs.

Well, with these tips to keep your clothes, you can add other simple ideas to fix up the closet storage and gain in space.

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