Decorating contemporary style

decorating contemporary

While it is often thought that modern interiors are cold and minimalist, the reality is that today this statement has very little true. Trends in decorating contemporary environments generate very comfortable and welcoming and so today we bring you some contemporary decorating ideas to keep in mind about this type of decoration.

decorating contemporary

This is clearly a style that is based on simplicity, subtle, neutral textures and especially the clean lines.

Today we bring you detailed some of the most important characteristics of contemporary style that will allow us to decorate our home and have a greater body of knowledge regarding trends in decoration of interiors.

Furniture: Characteristic of the contemporary style furniture follows the clean lines, with gentle curves. Usually of wood or metal, or even of both materials mixed with glass. Normally used with light woods and very few details that stick to the neutral line. The upholstery is also the concept of smooth surface.

Colors: The contemporary decorating scheme is based on neutral colors such as soft creams, tans, grays, whites and blacks, who act as backdrop for other things. The real key to contemporary design is the accent color that is generated by the contrast of the neutral base with other objects or areas with more vibrant colors.

Fabrics: Fabrics are usually clear from the viewpoint that they have important design or a large number of patterns. Solid colors are usually the best choice for fabrics in a contemporary room.

Windows: Like everything else, the windows are usually simple, straight lines and usually without plenty of guides or separators. It is of large windows without decorations.

Floor: The floors are usually modern vinyl, polished concrete or stone. They may be carpets provided these are simple and clean.

Lighting: The lighting, generally sidelined by other decorating styles, in contemporary playing a major role. The lamps and lighting fixtures are usually metal or glass and also to illuminate the spaces become decorative objects themselves. The lights are used to highlight certain focal points in the room and draw attention where needed, thereby generating, warm environments.

Accessories: In contemporary style, less is more. The accessories have no place. If you feel the need to add something you must ensure that it matches the rest of the things. Accessories must be streamlined and emphasize its structure. The less we have the better.

The contemporary style for its functionality and versatility can be applied to offices and stores, lofts and homes. The contemporary home decor is a way to organize and decorate the home that makes us feel that we inhabit a cool, neat, far to chaos and therefore relaxing.

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