Housecleaning: How to kill germs

housecleaning services

There are many commercial cleaning companies. You may be obsessive of housecleaning services, showing off a clean home and germs free house. However, these small enemies always find a way to hide and remain even in the most decontaminated house.

housecleaning services

That is why today we will see how to kill germs by identifying which areas of the home and where they hide to focus your attention on these issues and get rid once and for all this evil that can affect health of you and your family.

What are germs?

Before assembling a smear campaign, we must justify why it is inappropriate to live with germs in our home. Germs are pathogens once they are in our bodies, if we can’t fight in time, can cause various diseases.

That is why the ideal is that our home is free of germs, and to achieve this we must know the most common hiding places where they are housed.

Where germs lurk?

Any surface is likely to contain germs. Even after cleaning the house, some of these microorganisms can stay in our home, hidden in the following areas.


You may think that it is not true that the refrigerator could have germs, and it should not be if you clean regularly. What usually happens is that we forget about the top of it, and this space can accumulate and pass unnoticed.


Blinds accumulate dust and dirt, so germs prefer this area to remain intact. It is ideal to clean blinds with a cleaning agent that is suitable to the material of which they are made, as there are blinds of aluminum, wood, plastic or any other material.

Garbage containers

Garbage containers (kitchen, bathroom, etc) are the place par excellence where you will find germs, so after the littering you should clean out the trash container with cleaner containing chlorine or you can use vinegar.


Regularly vacuuming the carpet is not synonymous to be free of bacteria, because they can stay at the bottom of it. If possible, every so often you should aspire of both the top and bottom of the carpet.

Wallets and purses

These accessories tend to be in contact with more of them than you think, and thus contaminated surfaces always carry the germs with you. So try to clean the purses and bags, from time to time, using the method that best suits the material they are made, whether leather, suede or any other.


The indoor plants, as well as other surfaces, can harbor dust. So, periodically, you can clean them with a soft cloth and water. Also, you should avoid the accumulation of dirt on the bottom of the pot.

Cleaning accessories

The cleaning tools help us to maintain a home clean, but how often to take care of them? As the answer is simple as these objects can accumulate as many germs, so once a month you should clean them using vinegar or baking soda.

You are realized the areas where the germs could hide. Now that you know it is time to act, improve home cleaning solutions and have a healthier home.

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