Shabby Chic Style Decorating Ideas for Home

shabby chic style decor

If you are a person who like to bring the beauty of different times to modern life, then you can decorate shabby chic style. It’s easy and fun to do, because it can be combined with other decorating styles with no problem, with accessories that can be from different eras and designs.

shabby chic style decor

This style is perfect if you like to combine the old relaxed and rustic with modern and elegant. To start decorating just need some decorating ideas for simply shabby chic style.

Worn furniture to decorate

We can use chairs that look old and worn, preferably white, or light and bright colors like pastels. Both beds and other furniture can be of wrought iron, but light colors.

You can use your same seats, it is not necessary to purchase antique furniture to decorate shabby chic style. Easily, we can reupholster ourselves following some tips upholstered. This not only can save money, but also we can put more of our style to the decor.

To give a more elegant and warm, can put folders colored woven over the back of the chairs and coffee table.

Light colors for the walls

To paint the walls we can use pastel colors, muted tones, or light-colored wallpaper with floral prints, do not forget, that to combine colors when choosing carpets and rugs, it is preferable that they are off or muted tones.

On the walls of the kitchen will use dull light colors with floral prints and shades of wood or plastic utensils in bright colors. In the rooms we can put large ruffled duvets and pillows covered with lace sleeves. Thus, the rooms will not only elegant, will also be warmer.

Accessories to decorate shabby chic

For windows you can use lace curtains with floral prints or bright colors, but to give him a more elegant to shabby chic decor, it is recommended that they are lace curtains.

If you put a folder or woven hand embroidered on the bedside table, will give you a warm touch to the room. And do not forget that the shabby chic decor is perfect for a romantic room.

I hope you can implement these decorating ideas shabby chic style, remember that this style can easily be combined, so no problem if you want to decorate the rooms of your home using the cottage style.

How to clean leather furniture

clean leather furniture

There is nothing better than coming home and finding shiny. The clean floors, the laid beds, the ironed clothes, but what about that leather couch that has stains, looks old and dull? It’s time to know how to clean leather furniture and you can learn what you need on leather furniture care in this article.

clean leather furniture

Cleaning leather furniture

The first thing to do before proceeding with cleaning leather furniture is to determine what type of leather is made of ​​your furniture. Clearly there are thousands of leather and some require special care, for example, some should not have contact with water which helps to preserve them.

A good way to get this information is to read the labels and instructions that manufacturers added at the time of delivery of leather furniture. Sure, if the manufacturer of leather furniture specifies special recommendations, you should follow them, and maybe if you use other cleaning method can lose the warranty they offer. Though it seems boring, you should have to read the manuals. And you have to read them carefully, do not cheat.


When you have put away the doubts of which we are talking about, it is best time to learn how to clean leather furniture in general.

  • First you have to remove dust and surface dirt, this is very simple, you can do it with a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth. The idea is not to have specks or leftovers.
  • Now get ready a little liquid soap and mix it with a little water. We recommend that you do not use other cleaning products because there may possibly contain stronger substances and can affect the texture of the leather. It is ideal to use a little soft soap.
  • Take a cloth and dip it in the solution, the idea is that enough to pervert it so that it is only damp; you do wrong if you let the rag soaked in the soapy solution. Clean only a small part of the furniture to make sure the mixture does not cause reactions when you check it, repeat the process but this time using a cloth soaked with water to remove any residue of soap. Ready almost there.
  • After the above steps, only you must go again with a completely dry cloth all over the sofa.

Probably never seen your leather furniture so bright, even smells good because no one can deny the delicious aroma that have toilet soaps.

Caring for Leather Furniture

The leather furniture is not negligible in price, have one of them is to make a good investment in the home and therefore require special care when it comes to cleaning and find out some recommendations.

Usually leather is a very suitable material for elegant decorations and must therefore remain shiny, for example, a special recommendations give leather experts relate sunlight. For example, the ideal when you have a fine chair of Le Corbusier that is to avoid direct sunlight on leather furniture.

As you know, the leather is finally a skin that directly exposed to the Sun can dehydrate or crack, increasing the risk of deterioration. We recommend keeping the leather furniture away from windows where the Sun shines more strongly, as well as fireplaces or stoves as a source which radiates heat and may compromise the leather furniture.

Currently, the market offers thousands of leather cleaning products, it is likely to find in departmental stores for specialized products according to the brand of your leather furniture. You should try to find out the best way to clean leather couch and the important thing is not to put at risk with products like degreasers that are not appropriate for this type of material.

Do you know how to clean a leather jacket?

How to decorate the minimalist style bathroom?

minimalist style bathroom

The idea of minimalist style bathroom is to achieve that sense of the basics, here we will give you some ideas for when you decide to decorate bathroom in a minimalist style.

minimalist style bathroom

Incorporating minimalist design in environments that require quiet atmosphere as with the bathroom is fashionable. The interior decoration is very fashionable with minimalist style. This is described as the most basic form of design, i.e., stripped of elements that other techniques are explored in more depth, such as colors and textures.

A quiet and simple bathroom

The purpose of minimalist design does not go unnoticed, but to bring the mind to the basics. Usually simple looking environments that make the visitor feel full space in it.

The movement that drove the minimalist style began in Switzerland and was subsequently applied to graphic design, architecture, literature and even music. In the minimalist design the postulate is “less is more”. Now we will see how to achieve decorate the bathroom in this style.


The bathtubs prevail in the minimalist bathroom. They give a sense of elegance to the space without being too strident, achieve the harmony that seek. The key colors are white and raw materials. A nice bathtub as used by the Egyptians to be the center of attention, with its most basic sense, without being dominant, is a good choice for very contemporary bathroom.


In the minimalist style colors play a vital role but it does not. We say that plays a role in so far as such should be a choice based on the elemental, the colors you choose will weigh heavily. In most cases, you can use one or two colors that range from higher tones to the softest. In some cases, also can use a background highlighting lines.


The accessories to decorate the bathroom should be simple but impact. Arranged objects like towels should be placed in the appropriate place in the most elementary way. Usually, the vases are not sumptuous but basic, similarly, the recommendation applies to their colors.


Wooden boxes sealed in Formica sealed of acid colors are very fashionable, give a touch of originality and youthfulness to the bathrooms, places that have gone from being bored to almost that some generators of ideas and renewed every morning. The idea is to be as simple as possible and floating furniture attain that expertise to the wall. Take a risk.

When you are remodeling a bathroom, it is best to think that phrase of minimalist design slogan “less is more” and there will be coming up with ideas to decorate your bathroom in a minimalist style. Good Luck!

Color ideas to decorate home

colors to decorate home

When it is to decorate home, perhaps the color in your home can scare a little and so we always choose for decorating in neutral colors because they are the safest when combined with the furniture and decorative elements. If you are someone who want to add a touch of color to the home and do not know how, I invite you to keep reading the color ideas to find out how to use color to decorate the home.

colors to decorate home

Color for your home

Adding colors in interior decorating home does not mean that you should use the full range of known colors or that your home should look like a carnival, rather it is to put some of the colors that are complementary to the rest of your home decor. Check out the following tips and use the one that best suits your needs.

Highlight the walls

An easy way to add color to the walls is to choose a wall that is the focal point of the room and place wallpaper or adhesive vinyl designs, or a fabric with a contrasting color to the rest of your walls. The advantage of this technique is that you can change the color and / or design of the wall every time you want by changing the paper or fabric. Continue reading “Color ideas to decorate home”

How to clean a leather jacket


The leather garments are a must in the closet of most people, and the leather jacket is usually preferred. As all clothing, it has its special care to keep it in perfect condition for much longer.


You can follow the following tips that will give on how to clean leather jacket and see that you can keep them clean and free of odors through the years.

Regular care of leather jackets

The leather jackets only need an annual cleaning (unless it spotted), but to make sure it is in good condition and will last for many years, you can take certain preventive measures to care for leather jacket.

At the time of purchase your leather jacket, you should spray it with a leather conditioner.

Immediately remove any stains that might leave a greasy residue on the leather.

You must always keep your leather garments hanging, this prevents cracking.

Cleaning leather jackets

As for leather jackets cleaner, to clean a leather jacket you will need to have on hand a small vacuum cleaner, warm water, mild liquid soap, sponges, cloths, and if possible a leather conditioner.


Start by cleaning the inside of the jacket, for this you can use the vacuum cleaner, this will help you to remove all the dust and debris that may be inside the jacket. If you need to remove a bad smell, mix warm water and baking soda, and passes this mixture with a sponge in the area in need. You must then remove the excess with a sponge and water.

Add soap in warm water and gently clean with a sponge the surface of the jacket. It is important not to rub the sponge hard as it can damage the material, you should only pass it gently.

Then you must spend another sponge dampened with water only. This will help you remove the soap from the jacket. Spend this sponge as often as you think necessary. To remove excess moisture that may be left, you should pass a dry and clean cloth over the jacket. Remember not to do much friction, just to remove the moisture.

Let the leather jacket dry completely (you can leave it hanging one or two days in the shade) and apply leather conditioner. This is an easy way to use the product that will return the necessary moisture to the leather.

You can use these leather jacket cleaning tips and apply them to the care of leather garments.

What is the meaning of colors for the home?

meaning of colors for home

Besides to combine well, illuminate and decorate a space, the colors have other functions to human eyes. Each color provides a different effect on the human brain, and so today we will see the meaning of colors for the home.

meaning of colors for home

The color for your home with which decorate a room affect your mood because, the colors evoke different feelings. So it is very important for the right choosing color for your home, and keep read on to know more about the color and meanings to decorate and how they affect you. Continue reading “What is the meaning of colors for the home?”

Exterior home cleaning tips

exterior home cleaning

We always care about home cleaning and we are looking for solutions to improve our environment and have a healthy home.

exterior home cleaning

But we often forget that the outside of the house also needs some care, not only to make it look good, but to prevent the onset of certain problems that may eventually affect intra-household. Therefore, we share the following tips for exterior house cleaning solution.

Cleaning house exterior

Cleaning exterior of house should be done at least once a year. However, the frequency of it depends on the type of environment in which it is located, so if you think you need, you can clean exterior of house 2 or 3 times a year. The home care in the city, on the beach and in the field is not the same. Continue reading “Exterior home cleaning tips”

Contemporary kitchen design ideas

contemporary kitchen design

If you’re looking to renew the kitchen with a contemporary design, the following ideas of contemporary kitchen design can serve you much.

contemporary kitchen design

The contemporary style can be very useful when looking for different ideas for decoration, as it is ideal for those who want to decorate using minimal accessories and the mix between the classic elements with a modern touch.

Contemporary kitchen decoration

The idea is to have a large space but which demonstrates both style. The objective of using this type of decor is modern kitchen design, creating an environment where space and lighting are the main elements.

That is why you should choose light colors and very discreet accessories. The following ideas reflect how the contemporary decor for your kitchen. Continue reading “Contemporary kitchen design ideas”

Decorating ideas for kids playroom

kids playroom furniture

The children need a suitable place to express themselves and spend their free time, require a place where they can, indeed, be children. It is therefore advisable to decorate a room in the house to make a playroom where they can enjoy. So if you want to try for decorating kids playroom, then we have some kids playroom decor ideas that will be extremely helpful.

kids playroom furniture

Playroom walls

The decoration of children’s playroom is an opportunity to decorate freely, using color palettes, fun shapes and forms.

Decorate with a fun mural

To decorate the walls in the children’s playroom, you can try to do a mural. No need of great abilities and artistic skills to paint a mural of this style, but just draw from landscapes to fun shapes that your kids will enjoy. But make sure you use different colors to make it good fun. Continue reading “Decorating ideas for kids playroom”

Tips for buying a home

buying a home

Are you thinking of buying a home for the first time? Thinking of you that you are about to enter the exciting world of real estate as a first time home buyer that I bring these tips to buy a home.

buying a home

Carefully read these tips on purchasing a house and remember that buying a house that meets your needs and budget can take a long time. With this buying home advice to find a home for sale at least you can decide if you are able to buy a house.

Tips on buying houses

Search for homes

To buy a home, you should be informed about the associated costs. View similar properties in the area where you want to buy to compare prices. It is helpful to read the newspaper classifieds, and to help you have a greater idea of what you need to know about the costs of homes in the area you want. Also, you can meet real estate professionals and ask their opinion on the market, if it is a good time to invest in a property or is better to wait for a while. They will guide you in the best way. Continue reading “Tips for buying a home”