How to clean leather furniture

clean leather furniture

There is nothing better than coming home and finding shiny. The clean floors, the laid beds, the ironed clothes, but what about that leather couch that has stains, looks old and dull? It’s time to know how to clean leather furniture and you can learn what you need on leather furniture care in this article.

clean leather furniture

Cleaning leather furniture

The first thing to do before proceeding with cleaning leather furniture is to determine what type of leather is made of ​​your furniture. Clearly there are thousands of leather and some require special care, for example, some should not have contact with water which helps to preserve them.

A good way to get this information is to read the labels and instructions that manufacturers added at the time of delivery of leather furniture. Sure, if the manufacturer of leather furniture specifies special recommendations, you should follow them, and maybe if you use other cleaning method can lose the warranty they offer. Though it seems boring, you should have to read the manuals. And you have to read them carefully, do not cheat.


When you have put away the doubts of which we are talking about, it is best time to learn how to clean leather furniture in general.

  • First you have to remove dust and surface dirt, this is very simple, you can do it with a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth. The idea is not to have specks or leftovers.
  • Now get ready a little liquid soap and mix it with a little water. We recommend that you do not use other cleaning products because there may possibly contain stronger substances and can affect the texture of the leather. It is ideal to use a little soft soap.
  • Take a cloth and dip it in the solution, the idea is that enough to pervert it so that it is only damp; you do wrong if you let the rag soaked in the soapy solution. Clean only a small part of the furniture to make sure the mixture does not cause reactions when you check it, repeat the process but this time using a cloth soaked with water to remove any residue of soap. Ready almost there.
  • After the above steps, only you must go again with a completely dry cloth all over the sofa.

Probably never seen your leather furniture so bright, even smells good because no one can deny the delicious aroma that have toilet soaps.

Caring for Leather Furniture

The leather furniture is not negligible in price, have one of them is to make a good investment in the home and therefore require special care when it comes to cleaning and find out some recommendations.

Usually leather is a very suitable material for elegant decorations and must therefore remain shiny, for example, a special recommendations give leather experts relate sunlight. For example, the ideal when you have a fine chair of Le Corbusier that is to avoid direct sunlight on leather furniture.

As you know, the leather is finally a skin that directly exposed to the Sun can dehydrate or crack, increasing the risk of deterioration. We recommend keeping the leather furniture away from windows where the Sun shines more strongly, as well as fireplaces or stoves as a source which radiates heat and may compromise the leather furniture.

Currently, the market offers thousands of leather cleaning products, it is likely to find in departmental stores for specialized products according to the brand of your leather furniture. You should try to find out the best way to clean leather couch and the important thing is not to put at risk with products like degreasers that are not appropriate for this type of material.

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