Exterior home cleaning tips

exterior home cleaning

We always care about home cleaning and we are looking for solutions to improve our environment and have a healthy home.

exterior home cleaning

But we often forget that the outside of the house also needs some care, not only to make it look good, but to prevent the onset of certain problems that may eventually affect intra-household. Therefore, we share the following tips for exterior house cleaning solution.

Cleaning house exterior

Cleaning exterior of house should be done at least once a year. However, the frequency of it depends on the type of environment in which it is located, so if you think you need, you can clean exterior of house 2 or 3 times a year. The home care in the city, on the beach and in the field is not the same.

Cleaning accessories

To clean the house on the outside requires for certain elements that are generally not at hand. As for a larger structure cleaning that their needs are different from those that originate inside.

It is best to rent (or buy, if possible) some of the accessories that we are going to name so that your home cleaning service should be easier.

Accessory hose

The easiest way to clean the exterior of a house is to use a hose that has a pressure jet strong enough the water to reach great heights, and that is effective to help you take off the dirt from the surfaces. To clean the house one must start at the top of the various facades of the house and down as it progresses washing the walls.

Special brushes

To remove stains and dirt using elements such as strong bristle brushes, preferably wire, and other softer bristles for delicate surfaces.

Exterior house cleaning chemicals

While the best thing to clean is to use natural cleaning products and avoid using chemicals to clean, cleaning outside of house requires some chemicals to remove dirt. Depending on your needs you can use:


The chemical used in bleaching is ideal for cleaning roofs and gutters, as it has the ability to destroy germs as much rust and other elements that can damage the building. You should use it with caution in areas where there are plants.


For a quick cleaning, it is ideal to use detergent diluted in water. You must pass with a brush over all surfaces to be cleaned and use the jet spray to remove it completely.


The cleaning acids are recommended to get rid of the strongest stains (mildew, rust) as that can be accommodated in certain areas. In this case you can use vinegar to remove these stains.

General maintenance of the house

While examining the overall cleaning of the house, look for leaks, moisture stains denoting. Also, make sure there are no cracks and the door and windows frames are intact.

I hope these tips for exterior home cleaning serve to your purpose. Maintain cleanliness inside and outside ensure you enjoy your home in perfect condition, taking into account what is best for your health and that of your family.

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