Library decoration ideas

The library or bookstore is a space where we use to visit. That’s where we work, but also where other worlds emerge. So to make designs and library decoration that favor this effect we get from the books are very important. You can follow some of these library decorating ideas to get a cozy home library.

library decoration ideas Decoration in red and brown

Red is a color that at first glance can be very stimulating and perhaps inappropriate to decorate library, as it is a place where the concentration to devote ourselves to reading is fundamental. However, red decorate using bass and use the brown, in combination with other tones and natural materials can be quite adequate. Luxurious leather armchairs, upholstered cross-linked tone ceramic floors and decorative plants are an excellent choice for decorating the library.

Serene and cozy decor

To achieve a well used calm and mostly clear neutral color, you are recommended a mixture of gray and golden ocher, for while not losing the elegance in the library decor. Continue reading Library decoration ideas

How to decorate with gray

The gray decor is not a bond, on the contrary, will change styles and get accurate results without doubts. So we will see how to decorate with gray.

decorate with gray

Gray is one of the most feared colors in decorating. For many people, it is associated with sadness and loneliness, but nothing has to be so. We would rather argue that is associated with neutrality. It is a color that, as we often say, does not mess with anyone, but rather accompanies a good decoration.

How to combine the gray color?

One of the most effective applications of decorating with gray paint is one when we decided on certain tone and we have not a supplement and want a nice combination. Gray is a neutral color that, so combine it with other colors often make our work easier. Continue reading How to decorate with gray

Decorating ideas for green bathroom

Are you thinking of redecorating bathroom? If so, try for a green bathroom. There are many shades of this color to choose, pick the tone that best suits your bathroom and follow these green bathroom ideas.

green bathroom ideas

When decorating the bathroom we have many items to decorate, you can paint the walls, change the tiles, giving a touch of color with towels and even soap as an element that we can use to our bathroom decor. Here are some bathroom decorating ideas in green and try to apply some.

How to decorate a green bathroom?

Bathroom walls

To decorate the bathroom in green, you can choose to paint the walls in a shade of that color. For a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in the bathroom trying a shade of light green, mint green maybe. But if you’re looking to create an energetic environment, you can opt for a more vibrant green. Continue reading Decorating ideas for green bathroom

Rustic kitchen ideas for decorating

This new article is for you and it is in accordance with what you want: the rustic kitchen decor is a great way to connect with nature, regardless of where your house.

rustic kitchen decor

In addition, the kitchen is one of the best areas of the home if there imparts a rustic style.  Below we present some rustic kitchen decorating ideas and making them true works of art.

To make your kitchen look renewed but that of non-minimalist style, but off an atmosphere of incomparable warmth and it will allow you to feel an atmosphere of completely free, if so here we have the solution.

Rustic kitchen ideas

It is a wonderful way to connect with the outdoors from inside your house. Not that there will be a modern kitchen, but there will have a rustic look. For the rustic kitchen furniture and floor, wood is essential.

And the best way to create a natural, rustic decor is to use materials that we find in nature, mainly, the wood. You can also find stone floors, though it is not recommended. Continue reading Rustic kitchen ideas for decorating

How to decorate a room with different heights

There are infinite styles to decorate a room. The home decorating ideas are determined by the height between the floor and ceiling, the size in square meters, the amount of light, which in turn is determined by having windows, or other factors and aspects that have the room.

decorate a room

Then there is our own choice, to decide if we want vertical lines to elongate the area or if we paint the walls white for increased lighting in the room, among other things.

If you are thinking about how to decorate room with different heights to give more versatility to that area of your house, in this new article we hope to help you with any doubts that you may have of room decoration.

Ideas to decorate a room

Lighting of different heights

We can put a chandelier in the center to light up the room but also add small lamps that give a touch of site versatility. Not all lighting must be in the same place. Continue reading How to decorate a room with different heights

DIY Nursery decoration ideas

If you are thinking about nursery decoration of your house and so far have not been able to decide how, in this article we have prepared some new decorating ideas for nursery just for you.

decorating baby nursery

Imagine if it is not easy to decorate your own room, it is much less easy to decorate nursery room that is not yours. And because we know that, we will give you some baby room decoration ideas.

How to decorate children bedroom?

Vibrant colors

To begin with the decoration of nursery, the first thing you have to do is to choose the color of the walls according to your tastes. Yes, about giving a comfortable, relaxed and above all very happy.

Most people spend much more time in the room than in any other part of the house, so we must take the advantage of the space and make it cozy. Thus, need a positive impact on how the children feel and their humor. Continue reading DIY Nursery decoration ideas

How to decorate small living room

If you have a small living room, you might think that it is very difficult to decorate living room, but the opposite is true as the fact that a small space does not mean you cannot have style. If you also take into account the following tips that we give you on how to decorate small living room will be able to transform this space with a few arrangements.

ideas for small living room

Decorating small living room

The decoration of a small living room should not become a headache rather considerable lucky, since for few changes you can get the appropriate decor for this space.

So the first thing you should do is a list to predetermine how you are going to arrange and decorate the living room. To do this planning, keep in mind the following features and avoid some of the common mistakes when decorating the living room. Continue reading How to decorate small living room

Decorative pillows ideas

We all know that decorating living room or renovate the room is very challenging. But there are elements and very subtly ornaments that can lend a hand in decorating: such is the case of decorative pillows.

decorative pillows

You’ll find all kinds of cushions to decorate that will suit almost every room in the house and decorating style of your choice, with a variety of colors, patterns, shapes, and textures. Alone or in combination with other textiles, complementary or contrasting with the dominant color palette, we are going to show you decorative pillow designs so that how the modern decorative pillows can be used in relation to the interior design of your home.

How to decorate with cushions?

Some people to decorate with cushions prefer pads that repeat some of the tones present in the rest of the room decor. It may be a pattern or color palette, repeating tones and shades design or subtle ways of playing some of the colors of a painting that decorate the wall. Continue reading Decorative pillows ideas

How to decorate romantic room for Valentine’s Day

Few projects are as stimulating as decorative to decorate romantic room for Valentine’s Day. There are no secrets or magic formulas, but a repertoire of romantic room decorating ideas, simple and effective for an appointment, anniversary celebration or Valentine’s Day to have a perfect seal.

decorate a romantic room

Romantic decoration for your room

Decorating room for Valentine’s Day is to give a framework to the room in a way that is as welcoming as exciting and novel. It seems very vague, but is summarized in clearing the room, change the order of things, maybe change the bed instead, put it under the window and let the night light to leak inside the room and shower all with a mysterious halo. Besides decorate properly.

For romantic light, there is no room for ceiling lights or powerful lights. It’s all a matter of nuance shades and intensities that the atmosphere of the room brightness, shadows and colors projected on the walls. Color screens, low intensity lights, candles and candlesticks, in short, a diffused and weak are more suggestive and functional for romantic atmosphere you’re looking to decorate the romantic room. Continue reading How to decorate romantic room for Valentine’s Day

Three styles to decorate living room

Three living room decorating styles, three living room ideas: that’s what we offer today. If you want to change the decoration of your home and give it new life, you just have to rely upon any of these three styles to decorate living room.

decorate living room

There is something for everyone: for those who prefer a classic style or those looking for a modern, minimalist design living room and for those who want something more cozy decor, with room to rustic. Consider these ideas for decorating living room, then.

Decorate the room in traditional style

If you are a person who likes it formal, classic and elegant, surely you should decorate the room in a traditional style decor. To begin, you must choose a suitable color palette to a classic, i.e., a decoration in ocher or white. There is no possibility for vibrant colors. Forget them: you cannot use it on walls or curtains or for any other embellishment. Continue reading Three styles to decorate living room