Three styles to decorate living room

decorate living room

Three living room decorating styles, three living room ideas: that’s what we offer today. If you want to change the decoration of your home and give it new life, you just have to rely upon any of these three styles to decorate living room.

decorate living room

There is something for everyone: for those who prefer a classic style or those looking for a modern, minimalist design living room and for those who want something more cozy decor, with room to rustic. Consider these ideas for decorating living room, then.

Decorate the room in traditional style

If you are a person who likes it formal, classic and elegant, surely you should decorate the room in a traditional style decor. To begin, you must choose a suitable color palette to a classic, i.e., a decoration in ocher or white. There is no possibility for vibrant colors. Forget them: you cannot use it on walls or curtains or for any other embellishment.

As for the furniture of classic lines, that is formal and robust. Armchairs and sofas upholstered in leather or canvas, with shades in the palette of colors used to decorate the room. Pets with floral upholstery, as are traditional and elegant, wood furniture should dominate, either on shelves, cabinets, libraries or side tables.

Decorate the room in minimalist style

Where modern and simple design is your thing, and then style of minimalist room decor is the right choice. Although it was created many years ago, this decorative style is still modern and elegant, and is ideal for spaces harness with a decorative solution aesthetically pleasing. The minimalist decor is proper clearances, stripped and fluids, in which only used the minimum and necessary.

The minimalist furniture with modern lines, simple and pure is dominated by straight lines and simple forms, with room for spherical and circular shapes. The minimalist design is elegant and perfect shape in relation to the function of the furniture. Floating shelves, furniture and light elongated the conjunction of laminated wood and glass, steel and leather are essential.

To decorate the room in this style, should predominate white, black and gray, although own wood tones are also essential. However, there is room for more brilliant colors used in ornaments, decorations or even lower in some furniture or walls.

The lighting seems to be an emergent property of minimalist architecture with modern fixtures and simple, nothing extravagant chandeliers. Natural lighting is important, with large windows.

Decorate the room in rustic style

If you want a cozy living room with warmth, texture and taste of the simple and natural then decorating the living room based on the rustic style may be the best idea. These spaces should be predominated with natural materials, combining different textures and surfaces that offer cozy style and romantic alike.

The color palette for rustic interiors is one composed of tones and colors of nature themselves represented by condensed materials. Earth tones, the color gamut of the stones and rubble, along with the warmth of wood will give you everything you need.

You can choose wood furniture with simple lines. For rustic style decor, you cannot miss the tapestries, handmade carpets, rugs and fabrics. Overstuffed chairs with cushions will invite rest and reading, armed with a cup of coffee and a crochet blanket for a nap. Flowers and plants complement a decor that seeks to be cozy and natural.

These three styles to decorate the living room are only a part of all existing decorating styles. Surely, some might prefer the oriental influence or who prefer the hippie chic decor. It is just we gave you some tips to decorate living room with lots of character.

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