Home Decoration Ideas for Couples

It is a matter of creativity to get home decoration ideas for couples as there need to manage the taste of both partners. The romantic bedroom ideas for couples are very important to feel comfortable at the couple’s bedroom.

home decoration ideas

What an excitement! You have found someone with whom you like to wake up each morning being beside you and who is willing to let lie on your beloved couch, or to rest on the coffee table that you inherited from your grandparents.

But, what happen if both have their own very specific tastes in bedrooms ideas for couples and bedroom design ideas for couples? Don’t worry as it is possible to combine both styles and create a harmonious home representing not only to you as an individual, but your new stage of life as a couple. Continue reading “Home Decoration Ideas for Couples”

The 8 NO in Redesign Bedroom

Are you going to acclimate and redesign bedroom? Then consider saying NO to the following eight things in bedroom design decor. Always it is true that you must feel comfortable with what you choose, but it never be too late to know the errors in decorating bedrooms that you should avoid.

redesign bedroomThe harmony and good taste in a way often go hand in hand, so avoid these mistakes in decoration which should be little important to someone at bedroom decor inspiration.

More extra furniture

The bedroom furniture should be according to the space you have. You should select furniture that are functional and really necessary to be part of the balance you perceive when you enter your bedroom; keep in mind that it is the place where you rest, you relax or enjoy your privacy, therefore always keep in order.

Placing unnecessary accessories

The more objects to put in the bedroom will be more difficult to keep them in order and you have to clean them all and also lift them up each time you do cleaning, which can be uncomfortable and a waste of time. Select some of the accessories to create a balanced set and get rid of the rest. For this rely on the following criteria:

  • Things you need
  • Things that are important to you
  • The essential things

Do not illuminate the room well

The spaces with little natural light transmit certain rejection, are prone to the formation of moisture and to have smell like closure. If you cannot and you have to resort to artificial lighting, do it taking into account the use of regulators to diminish the intensity as it should never cause you discomfort. Help yourself strategically placing mirrors where light can bounce.

First choose the furniture before painting

First decide what color or what materials and shades overlay the walls, and then you can optimally adjust the rest of the accessories, decor and furniture. When choosing the paint patterns for bedroom walls, consider if there is enough natural light, so you can use it for your advantage to opt the bedroom wall colors.

Decorate opting the ultimate fashion

Take your time before you choose the bedroom style you want to acclimate your bedroom, if it is not in your plans to redesign bedroom each year, you may wish to choose a classic one so you do not get tired or go out of fashion quickly.

Buy items that don’t go with your personality

Do not buy a set of furniture such that you saw in the showcase without being sure it goes with your personality; it may be very attractive but when it comes to feel part of it, there may be a disappointment.

Install low curtain

Place the curtain rods as close to the ceiling as possible, in this way will create a visual effect of spaciousness and give the impression that your bedroom is larger one.

Set all the furniture against the wall

Something very common is to place all the furniture against the wall and is today considered as an error in decorating bedrooms because it tends to be a space unused in the middle of the room. You can place two small armchairs with a coffee table, rug, or place a bed in the middle of the room.

When you go to redesign bedroom, try to avoid committing any of the eight errors in decorating bedrooms.

How to Make Indian Style Decorative Cushions

The decorative cushions design will inspire you if you enjoy making crafts and have previous experience or just great skills to make accessories for yourself, then I suggest you see some cushion design ideas to learn how to make Indian cushions.

indian style decorative cushions

The style depends a lot on the fabric you choose, so do not limit yourself and use these tips to inspire you. Although I chose the Hindu style because it works as a special element in the decoration and will help give color to the rooms of your house.

Decorative cushions: home decor Indian style

Cloth type

You can choose the materials depending on frequency of use, because if the pads will be used regularly it is ideal that the fabric is cotton, while if their use is sporadic, then you can choose materials like delicate silk, the velvet, plush or polyester and even leather, among others. Continue reading “How to Make Indian Style Decorative Cushions”

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom Modern Style

To decorate a small bedroom, it is necessary to take into account many important points, perhaps the most important is the size of the space because we must begin to identify what features to favor and against which we have to choose the color of the walls or the size of the furniture.

decorate a small bedroom

Now, I will suggest some modern style bedroom ideas to decorate a small bedroom modern style and get a room that is cozy and comfortable, despite space limitations.

Modern decor for small bedrooms

To decorate a modern style small bedroom need to know that this type of decoration is characterized by the minimum of detail in both the accessories and furniture. It is also essential that the color scheme you choose add visual interest. Continue reading “How to Decorate a Small Bedroom Modern Style”

Ideas for Decorating Rooms

The decorating rooms is very important as the bedrooms are a place of relaxation after a hard day’s work or completing various types of activities. Therefore, I propose some room decorating ideas and start creating your own place.

ideas for decorating rooms

Remember that being connected with the room decorations and feel a warm room helps you rest peacefully!

Define the style of decoration

Before choosing paint, furniture and decorative accessories it is necessary to define the style you want to decorate the room. That is, if you prefer a stylish and elegant or traditional print in the room.

Also, if you intend to prioritize spaces, you can choose something minimalist  with clean finishes and necessary furniture. Although, if you cannot spend so much on interior decoration, then use what you have and get rid of what’s left while you acquire some new, affordable accessories.

Color chart for decorating

When choosing colors to paint the walls of the bedroom, you can help with a color chart to begin and to define those who will use the space. In addition, changing colors is the easiest and most economical way to give a new style to any room.

Likewise, you should choose colors depending on the style you want to define the decor of the bedroom but also in the size of the room, because if it is a small room there need light color and natural lighting to give the feeling of a larger space.

Choosing furniture

Before buying a new cabinet you should consider the capacity or size of the room. The main idea is to choose furniture to go with the proposed style but do not overload the space with furniture that is not going to use but, on the contrary, which it is used wisely.

For example, if it comes to decorating a small room, it is advisable to use multifunctional furniture like beds with storage spaces or drawers. And to choose the location of furniture is necessary to consider the space between the windows, doors or corridors circulate freely around the room.

Decorating accessories

Combining decoration with accessories that highlight elements in it and go with the style that was chosen from the beginning. To make this room a little more relaxed and cozy room, place photographs (black and white, color or a combination of both) in space.

Also to give a sense of nature you can add some potted plants from indoor plants to natural flowers. To complete the decor, add decorative pillows if you have individual or bed furniture.

When we look at some ideas for decorating rooms often thinking about how we adapt to our room and print personal opinions, that’s the best we can do, but we must take into account the space of the room and lighting.

You may also want to know on how to organize your room.

Shabby Chic Style Decorating Ideas for Home

If you are a person who like to bring the beauty of different times to modern life, then you can decorate shabby chic style. It’s easy and fun to do, because it can be combined with other decorating styles with no problem, with accessories that can be from different eras and designs.

shabby chic style decor

This style is perfect if you like to combine the old relaxed and rustic with modern and elegant. To start decorating just need some decorating ideas for simply shabby chic style.

Worn furniture to decorate

We can use chairs that look old and worn, preferably white, or light and bright colors like pastels. Both beds and other furniture can be of wrought iron, but light colors.

You can use your same seats, it is not necessary to purchase antique furniture to decorate shabby chic style. Easily, we can reupholster ourselves following some tips upholstered. This not only can save money, but also we can put more of our style to the decor.

To give a more elegant and warm, can put folders colored woven over the back of the chairs and coffee table.

Light colors for the walls

To paint the walls we can use pastel colors, muted tones, or light-colored wallpaper with floral prints, do not forget, that to combine colors when choosing carpets and rugs, it is preferable that they are off or muted tones.

On the walls of the kitchen will use dull light colors with floral prints and shades of wood or plastic utensils in bright colors. In the rooms we can put large ruffled duvets and pillows covered with lace sleeves. Thus, the rooms will not only elegant, will also be warmer.

Accessories to decorate shabby chic

For windows you can use lace curtains with floral prints or bright colors, but to give him a more elegant to shabby chic decor, it is recommended that they are lace curtains.

If you put a folder or woven hand embroidered on the bedside table, will give you a warm touch to the room. And do not forget that the shabby chic decor is perfect for a romantic room.

I hope you can implement these decorating ideas shabby chic style, remember that this style can easily be combined, so no problem if you want to decorate the rooms of your home using the cottage style.

Color ideas to decorate home

When it is to decorate home, perhaps the color in your home can scare a little and so we always choose for decorating in neutral colors because they are the safest when combined with the furniture and decorative elements. If you are someone who want to add a touch of color to the home and do not know how, I invite you to keep reading the color ideas to find out how to use color to decorate the home.

colors to decorate home

Color for your home

Adding colors in interior decorating home does not mean that you should use the full range of known colors or that your home should look like a carnival, rather it is to put some of the colors that are complementary to the rest of your home decor. Check out the following tips and use the one that best suits your needs.

Highlight the walls

An easy way to add color to the walls is to choose a wall that is the focal point of the room and place wallpaper or adhesive vinyl designs, or a fabric with a contrasting color to the rest of your walls. The advantage of this technique is that you can change the color and / or design of the wall every time you want by changing the paper or fabric. Continue reading “Color ideas to decorate home”

Decorating ideas for kids playroom

The children need a suitable place to express themselves and spend their free time, require a place where they can, indeed, be children. It is therefore advisable to decorate a room in the house to make a playroom where they can enjoy. So if you want to try for decorating kids playroom, then we have some kids playroom decor ideas that will be extremely helpful.

kids playroom furniture

Playroom walls

The decoration of children’s playroom is an opportunity to decorate freely, using color palettes, fun shapes and forms.

Decorate with a fun mural

To decorate the walls in the children’s playroom, you can try to do a mural. No need of great abilities and artistic skills to paint a mural of this style, but just draw from landscapes to fun shapes that your kids will enjoy. But make sure you use different colors to make it good fun. Continue reading “Decorating ideas for kids playroom”

Children study room design ideas and tips

Since there are school going children, many parents are thinking about children study room design where their children could do their homework in peace and quiet, and this place should be pleasing to the eye.

children study room ideas

In case of you want to offer your children a study area, there are some things you should consider for a study room design. A study room for children needs good lighting, shelves, cabinets for storage, a board or cork board, or even two of them if you have not enough space to mention the study supplies.

When learning with the brain, oxygen is important. This air is fresh and the source could be a window or a fan. Also the child needs a comfortable chair in which he or she may have a good position and usually requires a lot of space to spread their roles. Continue reading “Children study room design ideas and tips”

How to do yellow interior decoration

The yellow interior decoration is one of those forgotten tones at interior decor and the color is used only as a supplement. But this interior decorating color has the ability to enhance any space, it can give a feeling of space and light, while ideal for almost all styles of home interior decor, and you can combine it with most of the tones used in the accessories to decorate. Dare and change your home using these interior decorating color ideas in yellow.

yellow interior decoration

How to decorate in yellow

The idea to use the yellow color at interior decoration is to take the range of colors that belong to this tone and make combinations.

Likewise, you can also combine with other colors that are both complementary and contrasting (depending on your taste). Among these we have the orange, brown, white, black, electric blue, red, and green, among others. Continue reading “How to do yellow interior decoration”