How to Make Indian Style Decorative Cushions

indian style decorative cushions

The decorative cushions design will inspire you if you enjoy making crafts and have previous experience or just great skills to make accessories for yourself, then I suggest you see some cushion design ideas to learn how to make Indian cushions.

indian style decorative cushions

The style depends a lot on the fabric you choose, so do not limit yourself and use these tips to inspire you. Although I chose the Hindu style because it works as a special element in the decoration and will help give color to the rooms of your house.

Decorative cushions: home decor Indian style

Cloth type

You can choose the materials depending on frequency of use, because if the pads will be used regularly it is ideal that the fabric is cotton, while if their use is sporadic, then you can choose materials like delicate silk, the velvet, plush or polyester and even leather, among others.

The idea of using cotton fabrics for decorative cushions of Hindu style to decorate your room and remain there decorative is that this material is completely washable and durable, while the others are more delicate, requiring special care.


Once you have defined the frequency of use of decorative cushions and fabric you will use to make them, then keep in mind the other materials you will need because you need to have on hand in order to work more easily.

Surely you need, apart from the fabric, thread colors blend with the fabric, needles of various sizes and, although it is a material, great gusto and creativity. Also, if you have a budget you can recycle some fabrics that go with Indian decor.

Step by step

First, determine the measure you want to give the pads, that way you can cut the fabric. If you want you can cut or divide measured in square, as here we make four squares of the same size and sew them together to get the measurement of these original cushions. The second option is more attractive. You must hand sewing four square pieces of fabric and make a large square, do the same procedure for the back pad. You can choose different types of fabric.

Then sew a backing on each large square of fabric and then join back with the lead, but only sew three of the four sides.

Add the filling of the cushion and then sew the last stretch to close.

Before joining the two large squares of fabric, you can place or sewing stones and other accessories for the design of theseĀ  cushions to decorate your room or other rooms.

I hope these cushion ideas achieve make your own Indian style decorative cushions.

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