Easy Ways for Cleaning Your Kitchen

For cleaning your kitchen, the more frequent and more stubborn stains are that of the steam and grease. That is why we want to give you some tips of how to clean a kitchen from stains due to grease and steam from the kitchen furniture.

cleaning your kitchen

Kitchen clean of stains from the furniture


An easy way to clean stains due steam is to apply a little bit of toothpaste on them and wipe them with a cloth.

Hot Iron

Believe it or not you can use a hot iron to remove stains from furniture and this method is very effective but also very risky. Therefore you have to take care for the safety if you want to use it.

To remove the stains with the hot iron, the first thing you have to do will be to put the hot iron on a table cloth or a thin white towel, then take the hot iron and with circular motions pass it on the spot (without removing the fabric) for 5 minutes.

As you’ll see after 5 minutes of ironing, already there is no stain of steam or the remaining are very small and easy to clean.

Unfortunately, with this method the brightness of wooden furniture is going after ironing, but fortunately you can restore it by applying a bit of olive or coconut oil with a clean cloth.

White Vinegar

For cleaning kitchen cabinets with vinegar, there is a good tip to clean stains of grease in furniture is to apply a bit of undiluted white vinegar; you have to do this by moistening a cloth with vinegar. To finish the cleaning furniture with vinegar you have to moisten a soft cloth in vinegar and pass it through the entire cabinet, finally dry the remaining moisture with some paper towels.

Soap and Water

The kitchen furniture grease can also be easily cleaned with soap and water. You only have to put two tablespoons of soap in a bowl with very hot water and mix well, then take a sponge and moisten the mixture. After wetting the sponge clean with it but only with circular movements, and with enough pressure to loosen stains but not to damage the furniture.

Soap, Water and White Vinegar

Another solution that you can do is to mix hot water, soap and a cup of white vinegar per gallon of water in a clean container. You just have to carve with a sponge to make the cabinet spots disappear and then dry with a clean towel or cloth.

You can follow any of these tips for cleaning your kitchen to clean steam and grease stains on the furniture as they will facilitate you the task of kitchen cleaning and your kitchen will be free from germs.

Rustic kitchen ideas for decorating

This new article is for you and it is in accordance with what you want: the rustic kitchen decor is a great way to connect with nature, regardless of where your house.

rustic kitchen decor

In addition, the kitchen is one of the best areas of the home if there imparts a rustic style.  Below we present some rustic kitchen decorating ideas and making them true works of art.

To make your kitchen look renewed but that of non-minimalist style, but off an atmosphere of incomparable warmth and it will allow you to feel an atmosphere of completely free, if so here we have the solution.

Rustic kitchen ideas

It is a wonderful way to connect with the outdoors from inside your house. Not that there will be a modern kitchen, but there will have a rustic look. For the rustic kitchen furniture and floor, wood is essential.

And the best way to create a natural, rustic decor is to use materials that we find in nature, mainly, the wood. You can also find stone floors, though it is not recommended. Continue reading “Rustic kitchen ideas for decorating”

Kitchen furniture ideas

Decorate the kitchen has become a healthy habit. Thus, you should try to move from simply equip the kitchen with the available easy and cheapest option to study the best kitchen furniture to integrate to your kitchen decor, without neglecting the functionality. kitchen furniture design Furnishings for kitchen decor

To guide you a little more about how to design your kitchen, we will tell you about some kitchen furniture for different decorative styles.

Traditional kitchen furniture

If you want to decorate the kitchen in a traditional style, you should choose wood furniture, classic and elegant lines in dark colors, with details of carved moldings and handles of bronze or some kind of metal.

Modern kitchen furniture

The modern kitchens tend to use comprehensive furnishing of pure forms and defined, oriented minimalism. While wood is still the material of choice, no place for the laminated wood, glass, stainless steel and plastic, putting aside the traditional colors and find vibrant colors furniture. Continue reading “Kitchen furniture ideas”

How to design a small kitchen

We all love to have a large and comfortable kitchen, where we can indulge our desires to prepare delicious meals for family and friends. But the spatial reality is something very different of imagined space, so surely we should be content with our small kitchen.

small kitchen design`

However, less space does not mean less pleasure or comfort. An appropriate small kitchen design can provide functional and comfortable space, able to enjoy successful dining experiences, in a properly designed and decorated space. Let’s see, then, what is essential to design and decorate small kitchen.

Designing small kitchen

The small kitchen design requires that we take advantage of the space intelligently and carefully. For this, it is best to list everything that needs to be corrected, and take notice of all that left for us space and comfort, and what we need to enjoy more of the small kitchen. Remove all expendable, get rid of clutter and establish our priorities that are extremely necessary. Continue reading “How to design a small kitchen”

How to decorate small kitchens

Having a small kitchen is not need to be a problem. Maybe it is even better in many things such as use of space for storage and improves the kitchen organization in every way.

small kitchen plans

The kitchen is not just a place to prepare food; it is the essence of the house. Where everyone goes, where all have to share part of their days and where you spend the best times both with friends like family. Therefore we must know the small kitchen decorating ideas.

When you bring someone to your kitchen, it is a way to give the key to your house. A place of preparing food is, why not, one of the best ways to share with them. Being small kitchens are no less. For anything, even become more comfortable and functional. Every corner has its special charm then. Continue reading “How to decorate small kitchens”