Easy Ways for Cleaning Your Kitchen

cleaning your kitchen

For cleaning your kitchen, the more frequent and more stubborn stains are that of the steam and grease. That is why we want to give you some tips of how to clean a kitchen from stains due to grease and steam from the kitchen furniture.

cleaning your kitchen

Kitchen clean of stains from the furniture


An easy way to clean stains due steam is to apply a little bit of toothpaste on them and wipe them with a cloth.

Hot Iron

Believe it or not you can use a hot iron to remove stains from furniture and this method is very effective but also very risky. Therefore you have to take care for the safety if you want to use it.

To remove the stains with the hot iron, the first thing you have to do will be to put the hot iron on a table cloth or a thin white towel, then take the hot iron and with circular motions pass it on the spot (without removing the fabric) for 5 minutes.

As you’ll see after 5 minutes of ironing, already there is no stain of steam or the remaining are very small and easy to clean.

Unfortunately, with this method the brightness of wooden furniture is going after ironing, but fortunately you can restore it by applying a bit of olive or coconut oil with a clean cloth.

White Vinegar

For cleaning kitchen cabinets with vinegar, there is a good tip to clean stains of grease in furniture is to apply a bit of undiluted white vinegar; you have to do this by moistening a cloth with vinegar. To finish the cleaning furniture with vinegar you have to moisten a soft cloth in vinegar and pass it through the entire cabinet, finally dry the remaining moisture with some paper towels.

Soap and Water

The kitchen furniture grease can also be easily cleaned with soap and water. You only have to put two tablespoons of soap in a bowl with very hot water and mix well, then take a sponge and moisten the mixture. After wetting the sponge clean with it but only with circular movements, and with enough pressure to loosen stains but not to damage the furniture.

Soap, Water and White Vinegar

Another solution that you can do is to mix hot water, soap and a cup of white vinegar per gallon of water in a clean container. You just have to carve with a sponge to make the cabinet spots disappear and then dry with a clean towel or cloth.

You can follow any of these tips for cleaning your kitchen to clean steam and grease stains on the furniture as they will facilitate you the task of kitchen cleaning and your kitchen will be free from germs.

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