How to design a small kitchen

small kitchen design`

We all love to have a large and comfortable kitchen, where we can indulge our desires to prepare delicious meals for family and friends. But the spatial reality is something very different of imagined space, so surely we should be content with our small kitchen.

small kitchen design`

However, less space does not mean less pleasure or comfort. An appropriate small kitchen design can provide functional and comfortable space, able to enjoy successful dining experiences, in a properly designed and decorated space. Let’s see, then, what is essential to design and decorate small kitchen.

Designing small kitchen

The small kitchen design requires that we take advantage of the space intelligently and carefully. For this, it is best to list everything that needs to be corrected, and take notice of all that left for us space and comfort, and what we need to enjoy more of the small kitchen. Remove all expendable, get rid of clutter and establish our priorities that are extremely necessary.

Organizing the small kitchen

The way we organize the small kitchen design is very important to take advantage of it. An efficient kitchen can do without an island, if you have a smart design. If the space is adequate and sufficient, a U-shaped kitchen design is highly recommended. Thus, you have the cooking area facing the area of the refrigerator, and sink and prep area between them. If the kitchen has an elongated tube you can include a folding side table attached to one of the walls to help you prepare food without sacrificing space.

Furniture for small kitchen

We must carefully choose the type of kitchen furniture that best suits your small kitchen design. The storage furniture is very important. For small kitchens, it can be a good option to keep things in high cupboards. That is, the vertical component of the space, reducing the width of the furniture to the minimum possible should be encouraged. Also, use floating shelves or hanging rails enhancements may be good solutions for small kitchen design.

Decorate your small kitchen

How to decorate small kitchens can be very influential in the way we perceive the kitchen space and accentuate or attenuate the feeling of a small kitchen space. To make the small kitchen look bigger, it is better to use reflective superficies, either in the kitchen or on equipment and ceramic tile floor. Also, the counter can be stainless steel and shiny finishes for kitchen furniture. Light colors on the walls and good lighting also will be helpful.

As you can see, it is possible to think of a simple and effective small kitchens design to take advantage of the space and make it extremely comfortable and attractive.

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