How to decorate small kitchens

Having a small kitchen is not need to be a problem. Maybe it is even better in many things such as use of space for storage and improves the kitchen organization in every way.

small kitchen plans

The kitchen is not just a place to prepare food; it is the essence of the house. Where everyone goes, where all have to share part of their days and where you spend the best times both with friends like family. Therefore we must know the small kitchen decorating ideas.

When you bring someone to your kitchen, it is a way to give the key to your house. A place of preparing food is, why not, one of the best ways to share with them. Being small kitchens are no less. For anything, even become more comfortable and functional. Every corner has its special charm then.

Decorating small kitchens

The first thing is that you will have to adapt to the space that you have and you must have the essentials, no frills vain. For example, you should provide as much free space on the counter for the preparation and placement of food so it should only be outside at all times what is going to use and preferably the surface remain completely empty.

Kitchen storage

Enjoy all the vertical space to store things, depending on the level of importance and usage. In the places of difficult access, you should keep those things that you do not reuse regularly, giving way to the rest, as dishes, cups, platters, silverware, etc.

Both above and below the kitchen should have room to store is extremely important. Not only eating utensils or preparation or appliances but also it should be a place to have a sort of closet or food pantry.

Colors for small kitchens

When decorating small kitchens, it is important the issue of color choice. There should pre-dominate light colors, not entirely white, but in combination with colors that favor particular lighting. It will be better, because the amplitude increase, which is due to the walls and superficies absorb less light, reflecting on all surfaces.

Floors for small kitchens

When choosing the kitchen floor, choose less clear tones, since otherwise the cleaning then could be a bondage which involves them ready all the time. Anyway, very dark floor can subtract lighting to the kitchen, so try mid-tones as earthy colors. Then you can put carpet in some areas such as in front of the fridge or the scrubbing area also.

Kitchen lighting

As for how to light the kitchen, you must place greater intensity lights in the food preparation and if you can include an area of natural lighting, even better, because it is the most favorable for this type of activity.

Now that you know how to decorate small kitchen, it will be the beloved space at home. Despite being small, it will be well thought out, with a functional and comfortable decor.

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