How to clean an electric oven with natural products

Cleaning the oven is an important part of domestic cleaning that we need to do from time to time. As one of the best way of cleaning oven, even though we try to protect the trays with aluminum foil, as many try like this, the smells of the food that we prepare remain in the oven with a lay of grease that sticks on its walls and base. To clean oven grease so that getting relief of these smells, the oven must be cleaned thoroughly at least once a month. This does not mean that a dish should be cleaned with soft cloth after each use, when it has cooled, to remove the remains of crumbs and pieces of burnt food that have been stuck.

Cleaning the oven

For the best oven cleaners, it is a good practice to use natural products over chemical one.  So, we prefer the natural oven cleaner here so that you can get the benefits of natural products that are not harmful to the environment, and also be very economical. Therefore, in this article we are trying to explain natural products as best oven cleaning products that you have at home and that serve to clean electric oven.

White Vinegar

The natural product what you should always have ready in the kitchen and that serves everything is white vinegar. Not only it disinfects and cleans deeply as if it were a chemical cleaner, but also it does not harm the environment and it is not also harmful to have contact with the skin.

To use the vinegar in the oven you will have to mix it with baking soda, a tablespoon of bicarbonate soda with a glass and a half of vinegar (about 350 milliliter vinegar), and keep the mixture into a spray equipment. Then spray the mixture into the oven and heat it for 10 minutes at 180 °C. When the oven has cooled, remove the remains of vinegar with a sponge or damp cloth.


The other homemade cleaning product to help you cleaning the oven can be made easily with the mixture of salt and water. For this mixture you will need only about 250 g of salt and half liter of boiling water. After pouring the salt into the boiling water, stir the mixture well until it dissolves completely. Then distribute the salt water inside the oven. You should use safety gloves to protect your hands. Then pour the salt water slowly, caressing the areas that have burnt stains.

After 15 to 20 minutes, clear away the salt from the oven with a sponge. If smell remains, you can moisten the sponge with white wine vinegar and repeat the process. The white wine vinegar neutralizes odors much more than other natural products. Adding lemon water is a plus point for the smell.


A fruit that has many antibacterial properties, neutralizes odors and disinfectants is the lemon. There are many ways to take benefits of its cleansing qualities, whether in the digestive or home level.

To use it for the disinfection and cleaning the electric oven, boil the juice of two lemons in a saucepan, using the oven. Heat up the lemon juice in the oven to 200 °C. You can keep halved lemons if you want on the saucepan to boil the juice. Let the heat last for 10-15 minutes, so that the lemon vapor degreasing the walls and bottom of the oven. By default, when you have finished warming up, you can easily remove the dirt from the oven with a cloth. For safety caution, just in case we recommend that you should use a sponge soaked in vinegar, to help you not to scratch yourself.

There is no doubt that the lemon will neutralize the odors of the oven eliminate the bacteria completely.

Baking Soda

Finally, it is possible to clean the oven with baking soda. Do a mixture with two tablespoons of baking soda and a little water. When you get a pasta of this mixture, spread it through the inside of the oven. You can heat the oven to 200 °C if there have vey incrusted stains. But if this is not the case, letting the mixture rest will suffice. After 10-15 minutes, you can clean it easily with a soaked sponge.

Lemon and vinegar

Finally, the outside of the electric oven can be cleaned with a mixture of lemon and vinegar. You should keep the mixture into a vaporizer and then pulverized it. It is possible to clean the door, handle and button switch of the oven using the vaporizer. You can use a microfiber cloth or sponge for cleaning the oven so that to get a clean, shiny oven.

The benefits of cleaning the electric oven with natural products includes, you can take care of the environment and to have a way of life more sustainable. If you follow these tips for cleaning oven, you will realize that you can get the same results as with a chemical product. The natural domestic oven cleaners are much more economic than chemical cleaners and these are friendlier to the environment.

How to Organize Clothes in a Closet

Not all women are very neat and controlled and also don’t have the ideas of how to organize clothes in a closet. Due to the lack of ideas for organizing clothes many of you have strewn clothes and shabby clothes in poor state and they don’t get proper care they would truly deserve.


Today you will realize some tips and tricks to organize storage closet if you go through the whole article. If you dare to implement the recommendations for too many changes in your closet storage, without much effort your clothing will be in your desired arrangement. The following tips to organize the closet not only will serve to save space in your closet, but also to keep the clothes in perfect order.

The ways to organize your clothes are the keys to a perfect closet. Continue reading “How to Organize Clothes in a Closet”

Home Decoration Ideas for Couples

It is a matter of creativity to get home decoration ideas for couples as there need to manage the taste of both partners. The romantic bedroom ideas for couples are very important to feel comfortable at the couple’s bedroom.

home decoration ideas

What an excitement! You have found someone with whom you like to wake up each morning being beside you and who is willing to let lie on your beloved couch, or to rest on the coffee table that you inherited from your grandparents.

But, what happen if both have their own very specific tastes in bedrooms ideas for couples and bedroom design ideas for couples? Don’t worry as it is possible to combine both styles and create a harmonious home representing not only to you as an individual, but your new stage of life as a couple. Continue reading “Home Decoration Ideas for Couples”

Best House Cleaning Tips

Here are some 3 essential home cleaning tips for a good house cleaning that may be very useful to keep your home tidy and clean with free of unnecessary things.

house cleaning tips

“I have no place to store things”. How many times have you exclaimed this phrase in recent months? Perhaps the problem is not the lack of place, but not cleaning your house to get rid of all those things that keep just in case and take away space for what really in use! You’ll realize here how to avoid the accumulation of garbage at home that goes beyond disposing of kitchen waste, the dry leaves of the garden, and your pet droppings.

Empty drawers of cabinets and desks

There in the drawers of cabinets and desks have all kinds of papers with different shape, size and color that are deeply rooted there for time to prevent disruption or use them then, the reality is that we spend months and years which we retain them, but without giving them in use. Continue reading “Best House Cleaning Tips”

Easy Ways for Cleaning Your Kitchen

For cleaning your kitchen, the more frequent and more stubborn stains are that of the steam and grease. That is why we want to give you some tips of how to clean a kitchen from stains due to grease and steam from the kitchen furniture.

cleaning your kitchen

Kitchen clean of stains from the furniture


An easy way to clean stains due steam is to apply a little bit of toothpaste on them and wipe them with a cloth.

Hot Iron

Believe it or not you can use a hot iron to remove stains from furniture and this method is very effective but also very risky. Therefore you have to take care for the safety if you want to use it.

To remove the stains with the hot iron, the first thing you have to do will be to put the hot iron on a table cloth or a thin white towel, then take the hot iron and with circular motions pass it on the spot (without removing the fabric) for 5 minutes.

As you’ll see after 5 minutes of ironing, already there is no stain of steam or the remaining are very small and easy to clean.

Unfortunately, with this method the brightness of wooden furniture is going after ironing, but fortunately you can restore it by applying a bit of olive or coconut oil with a clean cloth.

White Vinegar

For cleaning kitchen cabinets with vinegar, there is a good tip to clean stains of grease in furniture is to apply a bit of undiluted white vinegar; you have to do this by moistening a cloth with vinegar. To finish the cleaning furniture with vinegar you have to moisten a soft cloth in vinegar and pass it through the entire cabinet, finally dry the remaining moisture with some paper towels.

Soap and Water

The kitchen furniture grease can also be easily cleaned with soap and water. You only have to put two tablespoons of soap in a bowl with very hot water and mix well, then take a sponge and moisten the mixture. After wetting the sponge clean with it but only with circular movements, and with enough pressure to loosen stains but not to damage the furniture.

Soap, Water and White Vinegar

Another solution that you can do is to mix hot water, soap and a cup of white vinegar per gallon of water in a clean container. You just have to carve with a sponge to make the cabinet spots disappear and then dry with a clean towel or cloth.

You can follow any of these tips for cleaning your kitchen to clean steam and grease stains on the furniture as they will facilitate you the task of kitchen cleaning and your kitchen will be free from germs.

The 8 NO in Redesign Bedroom

Are you going to acclimate and redesign bedroom? Then consider saying NO to the following eight things in bedroom design decor. Always it is true that you must feel comfortable with what you choose, but it never be too late to know the errors in decorating bedrooms that you should avoid.

redesign bedroomThe harmony and good taste in a way often go hand in hand, so avoid these mistakes in decoration which should be little important to someone at bedroom decor inspiration.

More extra furniture

The bedroom furniture should be according to the space you have. You should select furniture that are functional and really necessary to be part of the balance you perceive when you enter your bedroom; keep in mind that it is the place where you rest, you relax or enjoy your privacy, therefore always keep in order.

Placing unnecessary accessories

The more objects to put in the bedroom will be more difficult to keep them in order and you have to clean them all and also lift them up each time you do cleaning, which can be uncomfortable and a waste of time. Select some of the accessories to create a balanced set and get rid of the rest. For this rely on the following criteria:

  • Things you need
  • Things that are important to you
  • The essential things

Do not illuminate the room well

The spaces with little natural light transmit certain rejection, are prone to the formation of moisture and to have smell like closure. If you cannot and you have to resort to artificial lighting, do it taking into account the use of regulators to diminish the intensity as it should never cause you discomfort. Help yourself strategically placing mirrors where light can bounce.

First choose the furniture before painting

First decide what color or what materials and shades overlay the walls, and then you can optimally adjust the rest of the accessories, decor and furniture. When choosing the paint patterns for bedroom walls, consider if there is enough natural light, so you can use it for your advantage to opt the bedroom wall colors.

Decorate opting the ultimate fashion

Take your time before you choose the bedroom style you want to acclimate your bedroom, if it is not in your plans to redesign bedroom each year, you may wish to choose a classic one so you do not get tired or go out of fashion quickly.

Buy items that don’t go with your personality

Do not buy a set of furniture such that you saw in the showcase without being sure it goes with your personality; it may be very attractive but when it comes to feel part of it, there may be a disappointment.

Install low curtain

Place the curtain rods as close to the ceiling as possible, in this way will create a visual effect of spaciousness and give the impression that your bedroom is larger one.

Set all the furniture against the wall

Something very common is to place all the furniture against the wall and is today considered as an error in decorating bedrooms because it tends to be a space unused in the middle of the room. You can place two small armchairs with a coffee table, rug, or place a bed in the middle of the room.

When you go to redesign bedroom, try to avoid committing any of the eight errors in decorating bedrooms.

Essential Ways to Save the Environment at Home

There are many easy and simple ways to save the environment at home. Going green has never been out of reach with environmental management. To protect the world in which we live in, there no necessary to carry out large and boring actions. On the other hand, you can do through small changes, which will also improve your quality of life and save you money.

ways to save the environment at home

Keep on reading the entire article for protecting your home as there you will find important and effective ways to save our planet.

Grow your food

Having an organic garden in your yard will ensure the freshness and the flavor of your food. In addition, you’ll be consuming products completely free of chemicals and pesticides. The decision to grow your food will keep you active: preparing the soil, planting the seeds and harvesting the food will help you burn enough calories.

Think green, put into practice these tips: you’re not only benefiting the environment, you’re also helping yourself. Continue reading “Essential Ways to Save the Environment at Home”

Heating Your Home – How to Keep Your House Warm

If the cold is rising continuously and the price of energy is going high then something must be done for heating your home. Therefore the home heating systems are important phenomena of home during the winter season.

heating your home

As it is also important to know how to save heat in your home, we are now trying to propose some homemade tricks to let you know how to keep your house warm in winter for a longer period of time. Some of these techniques are very easy to implement like as the placement of aluminum foil or a reflective foil on the radiator, and for others you will need some initial outlay, but these are very useful to get temperature for heat in house. Continue reading “Heating Your Home – How to Keep Your House Warm”

Christmas Decorations Trends

The Merry Christmas will be around in a few weeks. Yet, don’t you have decided what type of Christmas decorations to be used for holiday home decorating of your home? If so keep on reading the rest of the article as we present some new Christmas decorating trends for this year.

christmas decorations trends

The Christmas home decorating ideas may differ from person to person as it only depend the personal taste of the individual interest. But the following style at home Christmas decorating will the general one with different taste.

Scandinavian Christmas

The Christmas of Scandinavian is mixing of raw materials (light wood, driftwood) with natural, soft and sober tones. As white is present everywhere, which will allow more light to the rooms of the home so this decor is very chic. This color is also available very easily to find in a matter of fashion and accessories like as tissue paper, artificial snow, tulle. You can combine white with silver colored materials if you wish. Continue reading “Christmas Decorations Trends”

Home Safety for the Elderly People

Home safety for the elderly is very important as people get older, they need to adapt with certain parts of the house to avoid accidents and facilitate accessibility. If you wonder to know how to care for old people, keep on reading as in this article we will discuss about the most sensitive zones of the home and how to fix it to care for the elderly.

home safety for the elderly

Bathroom and toilet

Bathroom is one of the areas that require greater investment if you have bathtub. To avoid falls and easy accessibility, it is advisable to replace the bathtub with a shower tray, if possible, ground-level or use elderly bathtubs. You will have to use different accessories such as non-slip mats or grab bars in the toilet and the shower. It is worth to remember that if there is an electric heater in the bathroom, it is ideal to turn it on for a while before taking shower and disconnect to turn it off during the bath.

Hallway and stairs

We have to be careful with carpets in the corridors as that can carry more than one stumble. If we cannot remove them, it is best to fix them and always give light where there is no sufficient clarity. This same thing happens on the stairs, where you have to place a handrail and switches at the beginning and end of these so you can always turn on the light.


What is needed more than reforms in the kitchen is a good organization, something that can be applied to every household (whether elderly or not). For this reason, we will put the materials in this area which is needed at every moment to carry out the kitchen activities and that are usually used such as dishes, glasses, cutlery and pan, etc. In addition, you must pay special attention to turn off all appliances, for example, the ceramic hob after cooking and the gas stopcock should be closed when not in use.


For many elderly people the bedroom is the more intimate place in the house and the room they can go when they want to be alone. It is important to control the lighting, heating and ventilation. It is convenient to have a phone by the bed and, if necessary, an intercom or a buzzer ring. It is also suggested to be an extension of the intercom.

One of the most problematic aspects of any home is the location of objects, utensils and clothing in adequate and accessible spaces.

In the cabinets tend, the bedding usually get a place at the top level which is difficult to access for older people. Therefore, for bedroom safety it is recommended to have a couple of bedding at handy area and relegate clothes that do not use often to higher areas. In this way they will avoid to get often on chairs or ladders and ask a family member to reach them when they have to change the seasonal clothes. For people who use wheelchairs, rods for hanging clothes should be located lower.

Another key point is the choice of bed; they have to opt for bed riser (which facilitates the ascent and descent). Likewise, we must make sure that headboards, mirrors, shelves are at comfortable position and well anchored to the wall to avoid an accident.

Living room

The place where the elderly spend most of the day pass and must be personalized, i.e., decorated with objects of their choice, such as pictures, paintings, books, music, personal items, etc.

It is important to continue the programs of Radio and TV that they like. It is therefore very important that has a comfortable armchair that does not cause them pain, although it is not advisable to stay all day sitting on the couch watching television. Also keep in mind that the TV turned on as background noise can be highly detrimental to the attention, communication capacity and memory.

If necessary, must have personal headphones recommended with a remote control in hand.

The doorbell and the phone must be of sufficient intensity or have indicator lights visible from the house. Failure to have these elements can be used telephone amplifiers.

The phone must have large digits and memory to record the numbers most used by the elder.

It is important that the old man has a list of important phone numbers such as firefighters, emergency medical service and close family members to get help with any problems quickly.

To differentiate objects, spaces and elements it is suitable to use warm, contrasting colors (red-yellow – orange) as they are greater display, as opposed to blue or green.

You have to consider keeping a good lighting, as well as have fixed shelves and avoid delicate objects that small grandchildren can approach. At the end of the day the living room is often to be family meeting center and where children roam freely when they come to visit them. Therefore, avoid angle edges or use electric braziers, which can result in various types of accidents such as burns or tripping over extension cord.

In the elderly house, improvements should aim mainly three aspects: comfort, security and mobility, and this can be achieved with carefully tailored furniture, selected and well distributed.

It should take into account that the elderly dependency generates frustration, helplessness, detract the quality of life and it is gradually enclosed within a maze of impossibilities, tends to be depressed, to be isolated and sick.

A room properly adapted for this stage of life with special needs allows the elderly to a greater or lesser extent. This speaks to an increase in self-esteem, independence and dignity of the elderly.

This home safety checklist is very useful to care for the elderly.