How to Organize Clothes in a Closet

Not all women are very neat and controlled and also don’t have the ideas of how to organize clothes in a closet. Due to the lack of ideas for organizing clothes many of you have strewn clothes and shabby clothes in poor state and they don’t get proper care they would truly deserve.


Today you will realize some tips and tricks to organize storage closet if you go through the whole article. If you dare to implement the recommendations for too many changes in your closet storage, without much effort your clothing will be in your desired arrangement. The following tips to organize the closet not only will serve to save space in your closet, but also to keep the clothes in perfect order.

The ways to organize your clothes are the keys to a perfect closet.

Organize by type of clothing

Many women try to organize the closet depending on the color of their clothes. The yellow colored on one side, the red clothes on the other, and the black and white clothes on the other different area. At first glance, it seems that the wardrobe closet is neat but not really it is, as there is a chaos of pants, shirts and jackets of the same color in the same location.

Here the new closet storage ideas, however, are to organize closet by type of clothing but not by color. Thus, in one of the shelves there would be only the sweaters, while you can keep your shirts on another shelf. Therefore the pants should go with pants, blouses should go with blouses and the coats should go with coats at different area. This really will make your closet to be organized independently of the color of clothing.

Hanging clothes

To find the clothes easily many women hang their clothes with hangers. Therefore, it is best to place all items you use often and prefer in the center of the hanging clothes closet. Of course, shirts and coats also have to be hung on hangers to avoid wrinkling.

Use drawers

If your closet has no drawers to keep certain types of clothing, it is best to skip this tip, but in fact it can be very easy to place one and it can offer more room and exceptional convenience when keeping underwear or bedding. This is also the perfect way to organize small items, and helps the fact that they are not scattered throughout the bedroom.

Hang pants

The fabric of pants is wrinkled if it get out of the hangers, and often they are made of delicate fabrics that need to handle with great care. The proposal is to hang them on one side of the closet hanging rack, next to each other, while the jeans may be a choice. These clearly do not have such a delicate fabrics you need to care about and you can simply fold them and place them in one of the closet shelves.

Seclude the clothes out of season

The clothes you no longer use can be completely secluded. In this way, you can book the shelves less use to carefully fold the clothes that are no longer used and forget at least for a while.

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