Brown decor ideas

brown decor

The brown tones or earth tones, whatever you name them, are special to decorate spaces. In tones as natural materials can be used in any style and decorate every room. Never mind the functions of the spaces; the brown decor manages to be an exceptional circumstance.

brown decor

Brown to decorate

The application of brown on the walls looks great as it will add much elegance to the space level. If you choose to do it with even better dark tones and combinations become more attractive.

The shades of brown are very versatile, though not enough. You can have a room full of these and not feel that the room is recharged. Not only by the extensive range of browns, but because often the brown part of the materials themselves, so it completely changes your perception. They are quite neutral and natural tones soothing to look at, regardless of the lines of the furniture or contexts to which they apply.

If you paint the walls in brown, we advise sconces combining two or three different saturations, handling different tones for the walls and floor for example. The darker walls place them in the bottom of the rooms or those that want to have a special emphasis, as the head of the beds in dormitories for example.

Other options for large spaces where added brown textures are based on this color as different faces of this color match perfectly even if the furniture is too. Also, you can combine brown and white in decorating with very good results.

Brown natural materials

As for your application using materials, wood, leather and textiles, including natural fabrics and synthetic materials of this type are the quintessential options. Wood surfaces offer a cozy decor and the same can be used for flooring, walls, ceilings or even for beams or columns, too. You can leave a material seen and looks very attractive because the very nature imprints of unique natural veining, so it is an added bonus.

Other materials for decoration in brown are the leather furniture, chairs and sofas. As for the decor textiles, can be used to upholster textiles as well as carpets and either as fabric to decorate walls.

The combination with other materials is another advantage of this brown color. Being so associated with nature can coexist with another mode of natural analogies as granite, marble, ceramic in any color but also in contrast to metals, transparencies, glass.

No limits for brown decor: classic, rustic interior, modern, baroque, minimalist, all can include brown as base tone. It becomes entirely neutral, has personality in space, without discussion with others.

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