How to prepare a room for a romantic evening

If you are already planning the evening of Valentine’s Day, or just want to surprise your other significant with a romantic evening, probably wondering of ideas for a romantic evening at home.

decorate a romantic room

Planning a romantic evening is not as complicated as one might imagine, is a matter of taking into account some simple tips to make everything perfect and harmonious.

Candles, flowers and a nice dinner are the key ingredients for a romantic evening, let’s see some more.

How to prepare a room for a romantic evening:

Prepare the room

Helium balloons: For a romantic and full of sweetness, helium balloons in red, pink and white air can bring different and original.

Rose petals are a must to give that special touch, but avoid placing them on the floor or where can stain the carpet, couches or bedding. Continue reading “How to prepare a room for a romantic evening”

How to choose kitchen faucets

We will not just talk about how useful of kitchen faucets, but here we want you to find out the latest design trends and types of kitchen faucets that exist so that if you think about reforming the kitchen, select the type of appropriate faucet, without losing all the added features and benefits that you can find.

modern kitchen faucets

Also, the design of the faucets, in addition to its ease of use, is important in how you will see the kitchen decoration, adjusting some designs to certain styles. A vanguard faucet will great in modern kitchens, while traditional kitchen faucets and old style will be better with a country style kitchen.

Choosing kitchen faucet has several aspects to consider.

Types of kitchen faucets

Forms and drive

The aesthetic revolution intervene kitchens with large changes in this area, and includes new technologies and more resistant materials. The kitchen is a workplace so the functionality, durability and comfort must be guaranteed. Continue reading “How to choose kitchen faucets”

Decorating spaces with recycled wood

Recycled wood products are one of the favorite inspirations for home decor materials, as they are easy to get, and that can be used in many ways, being practical, functional and very pleasing to the eye.

recycled wood decor

The wooden parts may come from a full box, pallets, recycled from some other furniture or separately. To paint them, cover them, cut them or join them, we will give them our personal touch, thus from recycled wood furniture, outlets, picture frames, planters and other ideas for decorating with recycled wood.

Small wooden decorations

For simple and small a decorative element, it can always play a very important role in household harmony. So when it comes to decorating, even the simplest object is valid. By recycling wood we can find reusable pieces but not for the same purpose, as this recycled wood frame, already without glass, garnish some original vases. Continue reading “Decorating spaces with recycled wood”

How to make spaces seem larger- Small room design

The apartment of today, we live in as ordinary people, not what is said as great. The square meters become a scarce commodity to be leverage wisely. So today we want to offer some thoughts of small room designs to make your small apartment look bigger than it is.

small room solutions

How? Well, actually, not that hard. Just manage some resources to make the space becomes our ally, to make our home more cozy and seem to have more breadth. Here are some tips small home design ideas.

Tips to multiply the square footage

Ensure that the space is multifunctional. If we live in a single room apartment, in a study, we must be able to use the meters at our disposal to several things at once. The dining table must also serve as a desk or study table. In the kitchen, preparing food also will be enabled in a small room for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We can use a sofa bed in the living room, if we also use it as a bedroom. Continue reading “How to make spaces seem larger- Small room design”