How to do yellow interior decoration

yellow interior decoration

The yellow interior decoration is one of those forgotten tones at interior decor and the color is used only as a supplement. But this interior decorating color has the ability to enhance any space, it can give a feeling of space and light, while ideal for almost all styles of home interior decor, and you can combine it with most of the tones used in the accessories to decorate. Dare and change your home using these interior decorating color ideas in yellow.

yellow interior decoration

How to decorate in yellow

The idea to use the yellow color at interior decoration is to take the range of colors that belong to this tone and make combinations.

Likewise, you can also combine with other colors that are both complementary and contrasting (depending on your taste). Among these we have the orange, brown, white, black, electric blue, red, and green, among others. Continue reading “How to do yellow interior decoration”

How to decorate loft style

Loft interior design ideas are emerged as a trend in the late 60s, in the United States. Loft style decor arises from the reuse of large industrial spaces, buildings with large open spaces that adapted to domestic lifestyle.

loft style decorating

Hence further developed and there are created now loft style spaces. It is more accessible to the general public and allows for wide open spaces where housing itself is a support for a different life and style, where there are no limits. If you want to know how to do this in your house or apartment, then we will see how to decorate loft style.

Features of loft decoration

Loft is not necessarily a concept applied to a type of space with specific dimensions, it is more of a design trend applied to a conception of space: open. A place where divisions are the essential and defining those objects is rooms and split spaces are considered as loft. Continue reading “How to decorate loft style”