Bathroom lighting tips

The bathroom is one of the rooms of the house which is usually last on the list in terms of decoration is concerned. And even spent some time up there, usually do not pay attention to details that would change this a site more enjoyable with bathroom lighting.

bathroom lighting guide

With the following bathroom lighting ideas you can make those small changes that will be a big difference in this area of the house.

To illuminate the bathroom

The correct any ambient bathroom lighting gives it a different atmosphere, which can make you enjoy your stay or not there, then, believe it or not, partly brand lighting mood that permeates an area, and the bathroom is no exception.

Also, when the bathroom has adequate lighting, both men and women have an extra benefit, because we can make better certain activities such as applying makeup, shaving, etc.

Type of light

Ideally, use sources of white light, as well as conserving this temperature helps us the see skin tones more accurately.

Central Light

Every bathroom has a central light that is usually arranged in the center of the room, to change the direction and/or the way that the light is directed in the bathroom you can choose several outbreak lamps that can change your direction, so focus can lead each to a different point and illuminate the bathroom uniformly.


The bathroom mirrors and lighting ideas are crucial as the light around the main mirror of the bathroom is usually the most important (if we are honest it is a matter of vanity) because we can clearly see our face while we perform routine cleaning. The main objective of the lights in the mirror, or in a nearby area, is to avoid forming shadows that could distort what we see in the mirror. To avoid this it is best to place the spotlight on the sides of the mirror, so that the light comes in either direction and decrease unwanted shadows. These bathroom lights can go on furniture to the sides of the mirror or embedded in it.

Decorative lighting

If you satisfied with bathroom lighting but want to give a slight change, you can opt for a decorative cabinet lighting. Place it in a corner of the bathroom to decorate while add a little more light.


Depending on the material that surrounds the shower, you may need special lighting or not. If it has a door you can use light transparent central bathroom without problems. But if you use shower curtains opaque partitions or doors or bright colors, the ideal is to have a focus that somehow points to the shower.

You can follow these tips for your bathroom decoration with lighting.

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