Stair lighting ideas

While we usually think of decorating stairs, we must never overlook the stair lighting. Circular by lighting on stairs allows breaking into spaces in height and where security is very important, especially at night or the dark places. But we cannot deny that the staircase light influences the decoration of the house. There are several stairway lighting options to enlighten stairs with lights of which you want to present some.


To illuminate stairs

The stair lighting must meet performance criteria. But it is also important how the lighting is and how it affects the interior. This should be considered in addition to the entry of natural light, the shadows that generate and the amount of light needed. Now we will look at ways to illuminate stairs.

Spot lighting

Externally, you can place the sconces around the staircase, recessed into the wall a few inches above the height of the stairs. No need to throw a great light intensity at all, with only a little light to enhance visualization of space and stairs will suffice. Continue reading “Stair lighting ideas”

Bathroom lighting tips

The bathroom is one of the rooms of the house which is usually last on the list in terms of decoration is concerned. And even spent some time up there, usually do not pay attention to details that would change this a site more enjoyable with bathroom lighting.

bathroom lighting guide

With the following bathroom lighting ideas you can make those small changes that will be a big difference in this area of the house.

To illuminate the bathroom

The correct any ambient bathroom lighting gives it a different atmosphere, which can make you enjoy your stay or not there, then, believe it or not, partly brand lighting mood that permeates an area, and the bathroom is no exception.

Also, when the bathroom has adequate lighting, both men and women have an extra benefit, because we can make better certain activities such as applying makeup, shaving, etc. Continue reading “Bathroom lighting tips”