Decoration for Small Bedrooms

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If you have small bedrooms, you should know how to organize small bedroom in the most appropriate way to get the maximum space and avoid clutter of furniture, ornaments and other objects that obstruct the passage; subtract comfort or make your bedroom look like an oppressive Lilliputian room.

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Let’s see, then, some small bedroom decor ideas.

Furniture for small bedrooms

When it comes to decorating small bedrooms, it is extremely important to consider the type of furniture you choose for these spaces. If you have a small room, the dimensions of the furniture should suit the available space.

You must avoid the big and tall furniture that reaches the ceiling, as accentuate the impression that dwells in a tube. You must ensure that the cabinets, shelves and other furniture retain a certain scale. Continue reading “Decoration for Small Bedrooms”

How to make spaces seem larger- Small room design

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The apartment of today, we live in as ordinary people, not what is said as great. The square meters become a scarce commodity to be leverage wisely. So today we want to offer some thoughts of small room designs to make your small apartment look bigger than it is.

small room solutions

How? Well, actually, not that hard. Just manage some resources to make the space becomes our ally, to make our home more cozy and seem to have more breadth. Here are some tips small home design ideas.

Tips to multiply the square footage

Ensure that the space is multifunctional. If we live in a single room apartment, in a study, we must be able to use the meters at our disposal to several things at once. The dining table must also serve as a desk or study table. In the kitchen, preparing food also will be enabled in a small room for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We can use a sofa bed in the living room, if we also use it as a bedroom. Continue reading “How to make spaces seem larger- Small room design”